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Breitling 1884 watch home wall art poster
Happy New Year! Ferrari wheel board room poster wall art
We here at OMG Wall Art wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2019!  We hope you had the merriest of Holiday Seasons!
While 2018 was an incredible year of growth for us, it wasn’t without its challenges.  Moving on from selling artwork, mostly by word of mouth; and setting up shop at a few high end events.  To launching a social media blitz campaign, and getting our new website off the ground.  Some bugs had to be ironed out here and there, but we’ve had some serious forward momentum.

OMG Wall Art Expansion Plans…

While in growth mode over the last half of 2018, we took on a few new team members to help us facilitate our expansion plans.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to come up with killer new content, build our custom frames, ship all of our orders, execute world class social media, and build a website from scratch.  Not to mention the time out of that busy schedule, to work on totally custom, bespoke, made to your spec, special ordered art work!  Whew!  That was definitely a mouthful, and most likely; a run on sentence!

New Poster Art Categories At OMG Wall Art!

With so much business building activity happening, we have still taken the time to develop a few totally new poster art categories.  Over the next few months, if not sooner; we will be adding Military Art, as well as Celebrity Art to the website.  Not exactly sure yet what we will call these categories?  Military and Celebrity are basically place holder names, but should give you some idea as to what direction we are going.  I can tell you, that if you would like a sneak preview of what’s to come, make sure you check out OMG Wall Art on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (does anyone besides Kanye and Trump still use Twitter?), and Pinterest.

Hey!  I Want That OMG Wall Art!

Having said that, if you see something on social media that is not yet on the website… It is available!  Obviously with the speed of social media, we usually post something as soon as we have developed it.  The website usually lags behind a few weeks.  This may be something we have to address in the future.  As for now, simply reach out to us to place an order for something you see on one of our social media feeds.  Take a screen shot or something, and email, DM, private message us; and we can bill you just as easily as if you were ordering directly from the website.  Eventually everything you see on social media will be on the website for simple, point and click buying.

Baby Steps At OMG Wall ArtFord GT wall art poster

As you have probably noticed, we have started off with 3 categories, each with 20 products.  This is just the start!  These three first categories: Automotive, Watches and Fashion will be greatly expanded.  We may eventually have over 100 poster art items in each to choose from!  We will also be adding new subject matter, like the above mentioned Military Art with an initial offering of 10 – 20 items available for sale.  As we move forward and continue to develop our artwork, those numbers will grow as well.

One Last Thing…

Salomondrin’s McLaren Up In Flames

One last thing before I wrap up this weeks Blog.  As die hard super car fans here at OMG Wall Art, I can not sign off with out mentioning the amazing video of Salomondrin’s McLaren Senna going up in flames!  I have watched a lot of online content on the new Senna, and have not seen anyone else lose their car to such a freak accident?!  With so few Senna’s being built, I sincerely hope that this is a one off event, and not an issue with such a spectacular hyper car.  It was a lot of fun to watch Salomondrin attempt to buy and finally get his hands on a new Senna.  Second hand, and I believe at a $500,000 premium over window sticker!  It will be interesting to see what McLaren does in this situation, and what Salomondrin gets next.  He was talking about a Bugatti Chiron, but now says he is also selling off his sports car collection.  I did see that his ‘pink’ Porsche Carrera GT is currently available for $700,000.  Well, whatever he does, I am glad that he and his wife were able to get out of the Senna before it was engulfed in flames.
Chat soon!

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