McLaren Speedtail

McLaren BP23 Speedtail

McLaren BP23 Speedtail + Senna

Honest question.  Does McLaren currently rule the super car world? 

Has Ferrari lost the plot?  Are the others playing catch up?  More than one youtube influencer has suggested all of the above.  Do you agree?  Do I?  Probably, yes.

What McLaren has done since their relaunch 8 years ago into the road car world, is nothing short of Biblical.  Most super car upstarts never get off the ground.  Of course, most super car upstarts are not already living a fairy tale story of Formula One success.  The past decade aside.
What baffles me about McLaren is how quickly they are bringing cars to market.  Quality, class defining cars!  The company just revealed the track focused Senna to mixed reviews a few months ago.  This car that polarized all who saw it, and only now starting to grow on me; so closely followed by the release of project BP23 / Speedtail.
If this were any other super car company, namely Ferrari; there would have been at least a gap of a year, of not two or three in between.  Enough time to milk every derivative from the base car as possible.  Spider, Anniversary of some sort, hyper track focused, et all.

Senna and the Speedtail

Of course the Senna and the Speedtail are two very different super / hyper cars, and don’t even look like the same company designed them.  Am I alone in thinking the Speedtail looks a lot like the ?  How many Speedtail’s will actually be driven with 3 people on board?  Other than the press launch / special invite cars, how many Senna’s will actually see track time?  The spec’s I have seen so far coming from MSO (is there any non MSO Senna’s?) all look to ‘pretty’ up the car.  Or hide its Platypus looks.
As mentioned, the Senna is finally starting to grow on me.  A few on Instagram and YouTube look really good.  I particularly like how Tim Burton’s (Shmee 150) is spec’d, especially the silver brake calipers that they had to do additional testing before they could offer that color as an option.  Due to heat is my understanding.

Regera look-a-like rear end

Koenigsegg Regera
Koenigsegg Regera
As soon as I saw the Speedtail, I loved it.  My only critique is the aforementioned look-a-like rear end with the Regera.  One other disappointment as well…. Because it is the successor to the original McLaren F1, I half expected the Speedtail to have an astonishing top speed.  Say 300 mph or something.  Instead it is limited to 250 mph.  Still plenty fast of course.  Is the American super car manufacturer Hennessey the only one aiming at 300 mph with their new Venom F5?  Oh, I suppose we can also include the Devel Sixteen in that fight as well.
Perhaps the thrill of going up against all the other 250 mph hyper cars is the speed in which the Speedtail achieves it.  With Koenigsegg currently wiping the floor with in gear acceleration, it will be interesting to see some airport run way races over the next 12 months.  Id like to see the Bugatti Divo thrown in the mix, although perhaps that is a down force focused car.
The final thing I want to mention in today’s blog is this… Apparently all of these limited hyper cars are spoken for before they are even revealed to the public.  I find that fascinating…

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