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SP1 and SP2

Monza SP1 interiorFerrari pulled the covers off of not one, but two new limited edition cars last week.  Have you seen them?  The and SP2.  If so, do you like them?  I find it interesting that they waited until after Pebble Beach.  Perhaps because there are all the other manufacturers to compete with.  Consider all the influencers there at an event of that magnitude, all trying to get their few minutes with each new release.  They did launch their new Pista Aperta.  A stunning super car to be sure.  I have to say my personal favorite new release was the record breaking; Lamborghini SVJ.  I suppose Ferrari was wise to wait.  Especially if you consider the two new cars are not even street legal in the United States (or are they?  I’ve seen conflicting reports).  It seems no car designed as a true ‘speedster’ is ever legal, with the chopped style windshield.  Not in the USA anyway.  I wonder about Canada?
With so few of the new Monza SP1 and SP2 being built, legality is almost a side note.  I know these cars have amazing performance simply by fact that they are F12 based, with less weight to motivate around a track.  Honestly though, how many will be tucked away in a collection and left to appreciate like fine art?

SP1 Wall Art

Ferrari Monza SP1

Speaking of art, as you know; that is what we do here at OMG Wall Art.  I happen to know someone who was approached by Ferrari about an SP1 or SP2.  Will this mystery Ferrari collector get one?  Both?  That remains to be seen, but I have to admit that I hope they do.
 As massive gear heads here at OMG Wall Art, we would photograph every possible angle of these limited super cars; to bring you something amazing!
I imagine the lead time to get your new limited edition Ferrari to be a long one.  A year maybe?  Hopefully one of us will get to see one up close for a few shots.  It would have been a nice surprise to see these vehicles at Pebble Beach this summer, since OMG were there for the week!  With only 499 to be built, they will always be a rare sight.
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