Ferrari SP1 / SP2 Monza – Its Happening…

Monza SP1 interior

The Ferrari SP1 / SP2 Monza has certainly caused a stir.

Both positive and negative.

OMG Wall Art is in a unique position to know several people who have been invited to purchase one.  Will they?  Won’t they?  Why on Earth would you in America?  Especially considering that it is not road legal?  Honestly, who is going to track one?  At a starting price of $1.8 million, I highly doubt few, if any; will ever see a race track.  Short of a parade lap of some sort.  Can you imagine one of these blasting along for the ultimate lap time?  Yeah, neither can I.


About that $1.8 million starting price tag. 

I’ve heard that is without options.  So what options exactly will be available?  Will Tailor Made play a factor with these cars?  Or like the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, will Maranello tell you how you will spend your money?  If you will remember, the LaFerrari was only offered in a few colors.  Quite unlike the LaFerrari ‘hard top’.  

Is the SP1 / SP2 Monza even desirable?

Its basically a Ferrari 812 Superfast with the roof cut off, and room for one (sometimes two).  Of those we know who have been offered an opportunity to purchase a Monza, some have said they will not.  In fact, a very close friend of ours who just yesterday, attended the invitation only, North American debut in New Jersey; said he would most likely… pass.  This morning he had an 8:00 am appointment to set his spec.  Between last night, and this morning; he decided to buy.  What happened?

Our Friend Missed Out

Because our friend missed out on the LaFerrari, he has made it clear that he will not repeat that mistake when the next Ferrari hyper car is announced.  While we were not actually there for the conversation, we were told by our local Ferrari dealer, that to say no to any Ferrari before the next ‘LaFerrari’ is announced, could mean that you will not be invited to join that most elite of clubs.  When our friend returns to town from New Jersey, I look forward to asking him why he changed his mind.

Not Road Legal

Spending $1.8 million before options on a car that may not be super desirable (and not road legal remember) seems to my mind, to be a long term play.  No question this car will be worth a lot of money as an investment 50 years from now.  What about 5 months after taking delivery?  I just do not see the Monza SP1 / SP2 sky rocketing in value like its predecessor the LaFerrari.
Ferrari SP1

Even so, the LaFerrari market seems to have grown a bit soft.  The frenzy over this car only remains intact for the LaFerrari Aperta.  At that money, do you buy one?  Order a Pagani, Koenigsegg or Bugatti?

List of Ferrari road cars

2005 Ferrari Ascari 2006 Ferrari P4/5 2006 Ferrari Zagato 575 GTZ 2008 Ferrari SP1 2009 Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta 2010 Ferrari Millechili 2010 Ferrari
Anyone else getting a bit burned out on the hyper car hysteria that has dominated the last few years of social media?  Look at Shmee150 (Tim Burton), he has moved recently towards more affordable cars such as new BMW’s and Mercedes.  Times are changing as we speak…

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