10 Things To Know About Wall Art Paper

10 Things To Know About Wall Art Paper

It is important to know what type of paper is used when purchasing high end art. OMG Wall Art uses some of the highest quality paper available.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper – Type II

Built in quality that includes:

    • Vivid Color Reproduction
    • Resin Coated RC
    • Deeper Red and Clearer Whites and Yellows
    • Lifelike Texture and Sharpness
    • Prints stay Beautiful Over Time – Fade Resistant

Vivid Color Reproduction

Color saturation and reproduction while printing on paper needs to be considered when printing fine art. Our prints are put on display in homes, at businesses and at shows. Using paper that is bright, allows prints to deliver vivid color that spans the color gamut.

The intensity of color within our images is what we refer to as color saturation. When a color appears ‘dull’, it means that there is a low color saturation. The higher the saturation means that the purer the color appears. This pure state of color can also be described as ‘brighter’.  If you want to receive a ‘wow’ factor with your art, then your viewers will react more with a saturated color than with dull colors.

Deeper Reds

Red colors are associated with danger, courage, heat, passion, anger and love.

Some cultures use red to celebrate victories, symbolize happiness, good fortune, nobility and wealth.  When you consider using art in your decor, try complimenting bold red colors with black, navy blue and light blue, white and even yellow.

Clearer Yellows

Yellow is a color of life and its complimentary color is purple. Although yellow is a ‘secondary color’, it is intense in its ability to accent art. Consider an autumn picture without yellow, or a refrigerator lacking a banana or lemon. Flowers to canaries, food to leaves supply many shades of yellow.

More Brilliant Whites, Clear and Detailed Highlights

Without white, there is only shades of grays. Are black and white even colors?  To us they are.

Can you tell the difference between ice cream white and solar white? There are many shades of white, and the paper determines how bright the white shade can get.

More Natural Skin Tones

Skin tones begin with a pigment called melanin, which starts with at least 6 genes. We all have melanin, but there are 2 basic forms: eumelanin (dark brown to black) and pheomelanin (red to yellow).

Our skin colors are are affected by the sun, tanning and skin care. We want to provide as accurate of colors in our fine art pieces so that you can see colors of skin. 

Lifelike Texture and Sharpness

We all want to look at the sharpest images available. When watching TV at home, we adjust the sharpness control so that our movie is clear and the image is enhanced. In photography, we desire to make our image have the greatest detail that we can reproduce. Sharpness is a zone between different tones or colors. Wall Art pushes the limits to create crisp edges, and remove blurred edges.

Prints That Stay Beautiful Over Time

6 Ways to Care and Preserve Your Prints.

To preserve your prints as long as possible:

  1. Try to keep away from direct sunlight.
  2. Keep oily hands away from touching surface.
  3. Use anti UV glass to filter out sun rays and keep away from fluorescent lighting.
  4. Do not store in humid environment because paper is an organic product.
  5. Framing materials should be dry and chemical free.
  6. Do not use tapes or glue when repairing prints.

Advanced Fujicolor Crystal Archive Technologies

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper is a silver halide color paper, designed exclusively to produce high-image-quality color prints. This paper incorporates latest silver halide emulsion technology, coupler technology and layer design technology to deliver enhanced color reproduction, white purity, image stability and handling of the photo.

Resist Fading For Generations

We print on a high-quality, long-lasting paper that will last for generations.

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